VTE portal is a one-stop shop for railway operators in the Netherlands for traction energy metering. Portal is operated by NL Consumption Point Administrator.

All traction units (with meters and without meters) driving in NL should be registered at NL CP admin. Find here how.

In order to be invoiced on the basis of the traction unit meter readouts Conformity Assessment documents should be submitted. Find here how.

Contact CP admin to get upload link once the documents are ready.

About traction energy metering – before you start

Start here if you would like to implement energy metering project but you don’t know where to start.

If you would like to know more about metering browse or search in the knowledge base.

Problems with data

Use Troubleshooter to find reason if you have EMS on board but it doesn’t work properly.

If you have a question check here – maybe we already have an answer for you. If not, contact us.