Exemption procedure

“Registration and admission of rolling stock for Settlement of Traction Energy” procedure follows the applicable regulations (EU) 1301/2014, (EU) 1302/2014, (EU) 1302/2019, (EU) 2018/86 and applicable standard CENELEC EN50463.

These regulations and standards guarantee suitability of measurement data for settlement of traction energy. To support the process of admission, CP admin provides guidelines in Power Point form.

In cases when a traction energy measurement system does not comply completely with the requirements of above-mentioned standards, but can however provide energy measurements in correct and reliable manner, the owner of the traction unit with such traction energy measurement system installed may request for exemption procedure.

In case the exemption is approved, such traction unit can temporary be charged upon measured data.

For the complete documentation regarding the Exemption procedure, please read the attachments.