• When billing on the basis of actual measured consumption will start in NL?
    Billing starts January 1, 2020. Shadow billing start in the autumn 2019.
  • What will happen January 1 2010 if we don’t equip our traction units with EMS?
    You will be still charged on the basis of estimation consumption. It might happen that the costs will be (slightly) higher as now since VIVENS / CIEBR group will facilitate installation of EMS also in that way.
  • Will energy costs be reduced if we install EMS?
    Not necessarily. If the consumption factors (estimation) underestimate your current consumption the actual, metered consumption will be higher and costs will be higher.
  • What it is needed for billing?
    A traction unit, equipped with data handling system (DHS basically consists of energy meter, GPS and communication device), according to the EN50463 or TSI LOC&PAS. Data should be send to Data Collection System on ground, which can send it further to EREX system.
    DHS (should pass conformity assessment by Notified Body.
  • There are two versions of EN50463, 2012 and 2017. We have traction units with DHS according to EN50463(2012). May we use this for billing?
    Yes, for traction units equipped with DHS before version 2017 was in place (Oktober 2017), than those DHS are eligible.
  • We will buy new traction unit, equipped with DHS, in 2019. Which version of standard should we follow?
    For all new and refurbished rolling stock DHS should follow EN50463(2017).
  • It seems DHS does not work properly, what should I do?
    Please use portal Troubleshooter to identify the reason of problems.