Which are main changes of EN50463?

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EN50463 (2012) version of standard was modified to EN50463 (2017) with 1.1.2018. Which are main changes?

There are most changes in part 4. In preface of EN norm it explains: EN50463-4 includes the following significant technical changes with respect to EN 50463-4:2012:

  1. general replacement of the text of 4.3 with new complete protocols for data transfer between EMS and DCS to make it interoperable (Clause 4);
  2. introduction of link to the EN 61375 Communication standard series (Clause 4);
  3. introduction of the normative Annexes D to F containing the XML schemas to detail the requirements of Clause 4.

Some of most important changes are:

  1. XML data format is defined more in details,
  2. CEBD blocks shall be protected with digital signature,
  3. Separated billing data from other data (CEBD, Reading Block, AssetData – asset information of the EMS).
  4. More than one user can have DCS role.

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